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The Tunnel Live Sessions

I've always liked the idea of re-arranging my music, as a way of giving new interpretation of previous ideas.

One of my dreams has always been creating a live sessions project, but I felt like I never had the right songs to do it, until I realised that my second EP 'The Tunnel' was perfect for it. The real challenge was bringing the electronic vibe into an 8 piece live band. Rehearsing was crucial for rearranging the songs textures. I was also lucky to have by my side "Studio Oida" (Luca Gipponi, Gabriele Rossi) who brought to life the whole visual concept throughout the shooting and post-production of the videos.

You can find below all the contents related to this dream project.
Recordings and shootings took place in Brescia at the Indie Box Music Hall.

Laurelight - Deep In The Dark

Laurelight - The Tunnel

Laurelight - Brighter Days

Laurelight - Open Your Eyes

Laurelight - Peaceful